Improve your mobility, Reduce Pain, and Feel BETTER

If you’re like most of my clients, you throw 5 minutes of stretching in after a workout (if you’re lucky), but still have chronic pain, tightness, and worsening flexibility with each passing year. 

This doesn’t have to be your reality! Stretching can help address all of these symptoms when done correctly. It’s just that most of us don’t do it correctly.

This 6-part stretch series addresses every area of the body from your toes to your head to give you a full-body tune up. But beyond just 6 hours of amazing stretching, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to stretch more effectively and why the stretches I teach work.

This course has literally been called “life changing.” (Read the reviews.)

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Full-Series features

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What My Clients Say

Instead of talking about myself, why don’t we see what my clients have to say.

Kelly’s yoga stretch class changed my life. I had been plagued by a very cranky shoulder for over a year. Her exercises have led me to a pain free and happy existence. But that’s not all. I have more range of motion and flexibility too.
Diana Feathers
Both Kelly's in-person and online studio instruction are second to none. She really knows her material inside and out, and it shows in all of her classes. She explains the mechanics of each movement clearly, as well as the WHY behind the exercise, which is what helps keep me going even when all I want to do is hang out in child's pose.
Kara Muzia
Mom & Marine Biologist

What's Included?

$ 72
  • 6 Hours of stretch videos
  • Videos never expire - stream online as long as you wish
  • 15-page ebook with photos and descriptions of all stretches

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Video Preview

Here’s a preview of just a few of the video included in this course. To view, buy now!

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Stretch Part 2: Hips

As a society that spends a lot of time sitting, the hips are one of our chronically tight areas. In this video, we’ll visit some…

Stretch Part 3: Core

We often overlook the core as a “core” (pun intended!) area that needs to be stretched. Mobility in the abs, psoas, and back…

Stretch Part 6: Full Body

Let’s put it all together! This class will review a few of our greatest hits and add a couple new stretches. Enjoy!

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