Free Love Your Core & Floor Workshop

In this FREE workshop you will learn to reconnect to your core, eliminate pain, and improve your posture in 4 days. If you are postpartum, we will also lay the foundation for getting back to your favorite pre-baby exercise.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Improve the strength or appearance of your core – whether you’ve ever had kids or not!
  • Relieve core or pelvic issues, such as low-back pain, leaking, pain with sex, or diastasis recti.
  • Understand the next steps to take as a pregnant or postpartum woman.

What Is Love Your Core & Floor?

The entire workshop is available completely FREE as my gift to you. After registering you’ll receive: 

  • Complete access to the entire 4-day course
  • The homework & worksheets
  • Direct access to ask ME all of your questions.

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  • Kelly is AMAZING! She is very kind, patient, helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable! This has already improved my life so much! TMI ahead: I have stopped leaking urine while sneezing, blowing my nose, or dancing with my toddler! I can’t recommend her enough!


    Mom of 2
  • You correcting my posture this weekend has seriously been life altering. I think the biggest thing was the way I pop my hip out, particularly while holding baby girl. I’ve been more mindful of this as well as how I walk, and I can definitely feel the difference in my glutes!


    Mom of 1 toddler
  • I have to say that you seriously speak to me! I could not be happier that I found you and this workshop.


    Mom of 1 toddler

About Kelly

I am a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200), Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), and personal trainer (NASM-CPT). I am passionate about helping women through every stage of life from prenatal to postmenopausal.

Before becoming pregnant with my daughter I figured “yeah, I know how to modify exercise for pregnancy.” After getting pregnant, I realized … I had no clue. 

And here’s the thing, no one else did either. All of the prenatal yoga resources I could find online gave generic and vague generalizations and no one was explaining WHY. So I’ve spent the years since learning everything I can about prenatal yoga, postpartum workouts, and how to help real humans have the best possible birth and recovery. 

What I discovered along the way is that almost NONE of the women I worked with knew the first thing about their anatomy, how to breathe, proper posture, or why they were having the symptoms they were. This is why I developed my proprietary method, which combines breath, core engagement and exercise, posture, relaxation, and goal-setting.

But I don't get it... It's really free?

If you’ve made it to this point in the page, you’re probably a skeptic — like me. You’re thinking: “I don’t get it… It’s just free?”

And the short answer is: Yeah. It’s just free.

I Believe:

  • It’s unfair that your OB-GYN or midwife isn’t trained in exercise and nutrition and can’t help you with this.
  • It’s B.S. that every woman in America isn’t offered pelvic floor physical therapy postpartum and that it may not be covered by your insurance.
  • It’s ridiculous that the majority of the information out there is either flat out wrong, incomplete, or incomprehensible technical speak that the layperson can’t understand.

I’m really, really fortunate to have had the experiences I’ve had, which have primed me to be able to comprehend what the research studies say, to have the time and means to study yoga and exercise science, and to have the communication skills to convey it all.

I was put on this planet to make women’s lives better. (Because let’s be honest: Think of what we could accomplish if we could just stop worrying about our bodies.) So, I created this course and it’s totally free.

This course provides everything you need to completely change your body and change your life! You may want further support. So yes, you’re smart enough to realize that by signing up, you’re giving me your email address. And that if I have your email address, I’m probably going to try to sell you something. And I am — sort of.

If you complete this program and you LOVE what I have to say and you want more support and guidance on your path, I’ll help direct you toward the services I offer that I think will help you. But I don’t want or expect every person who does this program to buy something from me. Maybe this free program does everything you need, or maybe it doesn’t quite work for you. There’s no hard sell. No endless stream of upsell emails and pressure to buy.

So, yeah, it’s totally free. My gift to you, and an act of service to fulfill my purpose on this planet. (And if that sentence felt cheesy — it’s cool. I get that, too. Doesn’t make it not true.)