Live Online Classes from Home

As we reopen post-COVID, our online options are here to stay! Whether you choose to practice at home for safety, convenience, or because you’re too far away to be here, live in-person, this is a fantastic option.

Enjoy unlimited live, online classes:

  • Tues 10-11:15AM Mixed-Level Vinyasa Yoga
  • Weds 9-10:15AM Women’s Yoga
  • Thurs 10-11:15AM Mixed-Level Vinyasa Yoga
  • Friday 9-10AM Gentle Flow + Stretch
  • Sunday 8-9AM Pilates
  • Sunday 1-2:15PM Postnatal Yoga
  • Sunday 2:30-3:45PM Prenatal Yoga
  • Sunday 4-5:15PM Gentle Flow + Stretch

How do live online classes work?

After joining, use the menu bar above to navigate to the online class schedule to access the links to join via Zoom. At the designated time, you just follow the link and in two clicks you’ll be “in” the studio and ready to go.

I encourage all participants to join with video, so that I can see and correct your form. I have been teaching online for months, so I have lots of practice viewing multiple participants and offering corrections and feedback. That said, you do not have to participate with video if you are not comfortable.

It’s so much less complicated than it seems! All you need is a smartphone or a laptop. If you’re still not sure, I am happy to offer a free “tech set-up” call here.

You just need enough space to roll out your mat. If you can prop up your device so that I can see your whole body, that’s ideal, but not required. For props, it’s helpful if you have a blanket (or towel) and a block or two, but you can use a stack of books if needed. 

Ready to Join?

Live-Only Membership

Unlimited live classes
$ 30 per Month
  • Keep your distance while protecting your sanity
  • Access unlimited classes at a range of days and times
  • Support one of your favorite small businesses. 😉

Live + Online Studio Membership

Get unlimited access to live classes PLUS the online studio!
$ 60 per Month
  • Keep your distance while protecting your sanity
  • Access unlimited classes both LIVE and RECORDED through the online studio
  • Support one of your favorite small businesses. 😉
  • Wide range of specialty class formats, including prenatal and postnatal and classes for various injuries and issues.
Save $10!